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Recruitment Rules Module

Welcome to the Recruitment Rules Module. This site is to allow those who could not attend the Rules Reading to still learn the necessary information and count towards their chapter's attendance percentage.

Please read the information below carefully.

To show you have participated the module, you MUST take the quiz linked at the bottom of this page. Only those who receive an 80% on the quiz will count towards the chapter percentage.

  1. New Member Quiz is for anyone who joined their sorority since Fall 2016.
  2. Active Member Quiz is for anyone who joined their sorority before Fall 2016.

The module will be live over the next few weeks; however, only those who complete the module and the quiz by Midnight on Sunday, July 9th will count towards chapter attendance. Per the Panhellenic Recruitment Rules, all Members who are not graduating prior to August 2017 MUST complete the online module.

Rules Reading Presentation