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Continuous Open Recruitment FAQ

What is Continuous Open Recruitment?

Continous Open Recruitment, or COR, is an informal process in which interested women can join sororities. Only sororities that are below our Campus Total are eligible to participate. If an eligible chapter chooses to participate, they organize and run their own recruitment events.

How do I participate in Continuous Open Recruitment?

If you are interested in participating in Continuous Open Recruitment, contact the Recruitment Chairs of the chapters for more information about their process. You can find their information HERE. They can tell you when and where their events are happening, as well as the requirements for membership.

Are the chapters listed the only ones participating in Continuous Open Recruitment?

The list of chapters participating in Continuous Open Recruitment can change frequently throughout the semester. As the Panhellenic Council is notified of a chapter's participation, we will update the list.

Is there a Registration fee?

No. Since the Panhellenic Council does not organize this process, there is not a fee to participate.

How much are chapter dues?

Every summer we release the Financial Disclosure Statement with the cost of membership for each of our Panhellenic sororities. While these figures are only guaranteed for the Fall semester, dues typically do not change drastically semester to semester. Feel free to look at the 2017 Financial Disclosure Statement to gain a better idea on about how much dues will be for this semester.