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Welcome to the Recruitment Information page!
Please use the links below to help you navigate to the information you're looking for.

Dates of Recruitment
Registration Information
Registration Payment Information
Recommendation Letters
Cost of Membership
What to Wear
Frequently Asked Questions

Dates of Recruitment

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 - Recruitment Orientation

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 - Open House Round

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 - Philanthropy Round

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 - Sisterhood Round

Monday, September 4th, 2017 - Preference Round
*NOTE: This is Labor Day

All Recruitment activities, except for Orientation, are held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in San Marcos. Transportation to and from the hotel will be provided by the Panhellenic Council. All women going through Recruitment MUST use the transportation provided by Panhellenic.

Expect to be at Recruitment all day starting as early as 7:30 AM and ending as late as 9:00 PM.

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Registration Information

Registration Dates: May 1st, 2017 - August 23rd, 2017

Registration Fee: $175

Before you begin your registration you will need the following items:

  1. Your Texas State Student ID Number (A0XXXXXXXX)
  2. A picture
  3. A completed Panhellenic Grade Release and Greek Induction Form
    1. Due to the binding nature of this document, all signatures must be hand written. Typed signatures WILL NOT be accepted.

Registration applications will not be processed by the Panhellenic Council until payment is received. This means grades will not be verified and applications will not be visible to the chapters.

If you are unable to attend any part of the Recruitment program, you are required to submit a Recruitment Conflict Form.

NOTE: Your Panhellenic Grade Release and Greek Induction form MUST be uploaded and attached to your Recruitment Registration. You can attach the document at the same time you upload your picture. We are unable to process your application without the document.


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Registration Payment Information

In order to participate in Recruitment you must submit your $175 Recruitment Registration Fee. Applications will not be processed until your fee is received by the Panhellenic Council.

APPLICATION FEE: The Panhellenic Council can only accept check or credit card payments at this time.

CREDIT CARDS: If you wish to pay with a credit card, please go to the link provided in your application confirmation email. You will be sent a second confirmation email once your payment has been processed.

CHECKS: Checks can be mailed or hand delivered. Mailed checks must be postmarked by August 19th, 2017 to ensure payment is received before Recruitment. Hand delivered checks will be accepted until August 31st. Please mail your checks to the following address:

Texas State Panhellenic
c/o Lindsey Trione, Panhellenic Advisor
601 University Drive
LBJSC 4-14.1
San Marcos, TX 78666

Please make sure the name of the woman going through recruitment is located on the check.

No refunds will be given for any reasons. No exceptions. If payment does not go through, a hold will be placed on your Texas State Recruitment Registration. Sorority Recruitment applications will not be complete until the application fee is received.

You should receive a confirmation email upon completion of your Registration application which will include the credit card payment link. If you did not receive your credit card payment link, please contact Greek Affairs.

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Recommendation Letter Information

Reference and recommendation letters are written by sorority alumnae members and introduce a potential new member to the chapter and describe more about the potential new member's activities and interests. Recommendation letters are not required for Panhellenic Recruitment. While some of our chapters, nationally, do require recommendation letters, if you are unable to obtain one they will find one for you so they may extend a bid.

There are two ways to obtain a reference or recommendation:

  1. Register with your local Alumnae Panhellenic - This option provides an opportunity to get assistance with obtaining reference letters, possibly meet local area sorority alumnae and attend a recruitment information session. The registration form you complete for your local alumnae panhellenic does not substitute your Recruitment Registration but will provide additional information so the alumnae may provide a more well rounded recommendation. To find your local Alumnae Panhellenic, visit the National Panhellenic Conference website HERE.
  2. Find a sorority alumnae to write a letter on your behalf - Many women going through recruitment already have friends or family who are members of a sorority who could write a letter on your behalf. Use your network! You should initiate the request but it is the responsibility of the alumna writing the reference to obtain the appropriate form from her national organization and submitting it correctly.

Note: Many national organizations have moved to an online form available through their membership portal on their national website. Any alumnae submitting a reference or recommendation for you should make sure she is using the correct form or format per her national organization and submit the recommended way.

If your recommendation needs to be mailed please mail them directly to the chapter. The Texas State Panhellenic Council will not distribute any recommendations mailed to the office.

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Cost of Membership

Every year, the Panhellenic Council works with the chapters to provide interested women an accurate look at how much dues are and where the money is going.

Below is a link to our 2017 Financial Disclosure Statement. This document is designed to provide you with an idea about how much membership will cost for each organization. Each chapter has dues members are required to pay every semester; however, what is included in the dues vary chapter to chapter.

We have provided a list of common fees our chapters charge as a part of their dues structure. There is a possibility some chapters may have additional fees unique to their organization, so it is important to still ask for more information as you go through the Recruitment process.

Click Here to view the 2017 Financial Disclosure Statement

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What to Wear

Wondering what you should wear during recruitment? Our beautiful Recruitment Counselors have modeled some outfits for each day so you can have an idea of what is typically worn. If your personal style is different than what is shown in the pictures below that is 100% okay! We want you to feel comfortable and be true to who you are.

Day One // Open House

On day one, you will be given a super cute t-shirt to wear. Most girls wear shorts, jeans, or a skirt with a pair of flats.

Day Two // Philanthropy Day

As recruitment progresses, the attire gets dressier. On day two, we suggest jeans and a cute top, skirts or casual dresses. It is important to remember to be comfortable and confident.

Day Three // Sisterhood Day

On day three of recruitment, we recommend sundresses and dressier items that you might wear to a graduation, a banquet or ceremony. "Think business casual"

Day Four // Preference Day

On preference (also known as pref) day, we suggest cocktail dresses or dress pants and a blouse with nicer flats or heels. Make sure that whatever you choose is not too revealing and that you are comfortable and feel good. *Remember you are going to have to be on your feet or walking most of this day, so pick comfy shoes

Day Five // Bid Day

On this day, we recommend wearing shorts, jeans, or a skirt similar to Day One. Most girls wear a Texas state or plain tshirt this day, once you open your bid card your new chapter will give you a bid day shirt!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the dates of Recruitment?

Recruitment Orientation: Wednesday, August 23rd

Open House Round: Sunday, August 27th
Philanthropy Round: Saturday, September 2nd
Sisterhood Round: Sunday, September 3rd
Preference Round: Monday, September 4th

Bid Day: Tuesday, September 5th

What if I can't make it to every day of Recruitment?

While this isn't recommended, this does happen from time to time due to family obligations. If you have to miss a day of Recruitment, the chapters will based their decision as to whether you are invited back solely on your application and any conversations you have had with the women during the previous Recruitment rounds.

If you miss an entire day of Recruitment, you must contact your Head Recruitment Counselor to find out your schedule and tell them what your selections for the day are. It is your responsibility to make sure this occurs.

To notify Panhellenic of your conflict, please submit a Recruitment Conflict Form to

What if I have class on Monday?

Texas State University will not be holding classes on Monday, September 4th due to Labor Day.

Do I need to move in early to participate in Recruitment?

No. All incoming students are required to participate in Bobcat Preview (August 21 - 26) so you should already be on campus by the time Recruitment begins.

I've registered, now what?

Now that you've completed your application you must submit payment to the Panhellenic Council. You should receive a confirmation email from Campus Director with the link to our credit card system and how to mail in checks.

Once payment is received your application is considered complete and Panhellenic will begin processing your academic information. After your academic information is verified with the University Panhellenic will make your application visible to the chapters. This is how they know you have registered to go through Recruitment.

Over the summer you should be contacted by one of your Recruitment Counselors. This woman is going to be your guide throughout the entire process. She should be sharing information and resources to help you be successful during Recruitment and is there to answer any and all questions you may have.

Once you are registered, you can also take a look at the Panhellenic Recruitment Blog. This is a great resource which will be updated throughout the summer with articles, tips, and general information about Recruitment and our Panhellenic community.

How does Recruitment work?

Recruitment is set up as mutual selection, meaning the Potential New Member (PNM) has just as much say in her process as the chapters do. At the end of each day, PNMs will enter into the computer their preferences on chapters they would like to see again. This is not an elimination but rather noting which are her favorite and which are her least favorite. At the same time, the chapters will also put together a list of the women they met with in order of ones they feel are the best fit and those they feel may be better suited for another chapter. The schedules for the following day are created taking into account both the PNM preference and the chapter lists.

As a PNM goes through Recruitment the number of chapters she visits will decrease to help narrow down where she will hopefully receive a bid. The first day she will visit all 8 chapters, the second day she could be visiting up to 6 chapters, the third day she could be visiting up to 4 chapters, and the last day she could be visiting up to 2 chapters. There is a possibility she does not have a full schedule each day, but that does not mean she is not going to receive a bid at the end of the process.

Do I need a recommendation?

No, recommendations are not required to go through Recruitment at Texas State. Many women go through Recruitment without a recommendation and still receive a bid.

Will it hurt my chances if I do not receive a Reference or Recommendation for a chapter?

Absolutely not! Many of our women receive bids without having a reference or recommendation. There are two chapters on our campus who are required, nationally, to have a reference or recommendation on file before they can extend a bid. However, both of these organizations will obtain one for you so they can extend a bid.

Where do I mail my packet after I register?

Once you've completed registration, you do not need to send in a packet to Panhellenic. Any recommendations or references should be submitted by an Alumni per their national organizations process. The information you would be sending to Panhellenic is included in your registration already so it is not needed.

If I'm a Legacy will I automatically receive a Bid?

No. While each legacy program is different, most of the time it allows women the opportunity to be invited back a second day but does not mean she automatically receives a bid.