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Zeta Tau Alpha

zeta tau alpha

Consistent with our founders' thoughts in 1898, our primary purpose is to create an environment for our members in which lasting friendship and vows of sisterhood emanate all aspects of our fraternity. Zeta Tau Alpha is a lifetime of commitment, support, and opportunity. It is a relationship that lasts a lifetime.

  • Nicknames: Zeta, ZTA
  • Values: Humility, Leadership, Lifelong Learning, Love, Loyalty and Commitment, Responsibility
  • Colors: Turquoise Blue & Steel Grey
  • Flowers/Symbols: White Violet, Strawberry, Bunny, Five Point Crown
  • Nationally Founded: State Female Normal School October 15, 1898
  • Locally Installed: 1980
  • National Philanthropy: Breast Cancer Awareness and Education